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Stop Houston Murders

STOP HOUSTON MURDERS is a Super PAC comprised of various races and political persuasions; we live in different parts of Houston. Some of us have directly had loved ones – daughters, moms, sons, husbands – murdered by criminals, many out on bond. Some of us are the victims of other crimes. Others simply live here and fear for our homes, the safety of our children and grandchildren, and the future of our city. We are united on these principles.

Who We Are

We are sons and daughters, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters of murdered Houstonians.  Our loved ones were taken away from us by criminals who should have been in jail, who were released on tragically insufficient bonds to murder again, to harm, and intimidate again.  We ask all Houstonians to join our efforts to STOP HOUSTON MURDERS by ending judge violence and to restore sanity and peace to Harris County. 

April Aguirre, Wendy Alvarez, Natasha Byrd, Jacquelyn Carter, Beverly and Lopey Campos, Aimee Castillo,
Jenaro Castillo, Dawn and Chuck Cook, Melanie Infinger, Ena Jeter, Stacy Langhum Glinda Martin, Madison Marchand, Adrian Medina, Lourdes Medina, Sara Mejia, Gilda Muskwinsky, Wendy Newland, Robert Nuelle Jr, Rosemary Nuelle,
Rosalinda Sanchez,  Adam Sandoval, Rudy Sandoval, Suzanne Sbarbaro, Bob Sumicek

Why Stop Houston Murders Was Created

We formed STOP HOUSTON MURDERS to stop the horrific carnage of crime underway in our city by educating the public, removing those responsible from office, and restoring a functioning criminal justice system in Houston – fair to the accused but protecting the public.

If you told me violent criminals would get out on $100 bonds, I would have said you are crazy.

– Former Democrat Police Chief Art Acevedo

Help STOP HOUSTON MURDERS change the direction of crime in our city.

We want to defeat the individuals responsible for this rise in murders and crime and restore our city to its once healthy and prosperous condition. We want a city where our children, our parents, and our neighbors know they can safely enjoy the outdoors, where they can safely walk their neighborhoods, and where they can safely drive Houston streets and freeways.