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We are sons and daughters, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters of murdered Houstonians.  Our loved ones were taken away from us by criminals who should have been in jail, who are mentally ill, who were released on tragically insufficient bonds to murder again, to harm, and intimidate again.  We ask all Houstonians to join our efforts to STOP HOUSTON MURDERS by ending judge violence and to restore sanity and peace to Harris County. 

April Aguirre, Wendy Alvarez, Natasha Byrd, Jacquelyn Carter, Beverly and Lopey Campos,
Aimee Castillo, Dawn and Chuck Cook, Melanie Infinger, Ena Jeter, Stacy Langhum,  Glinda Martin, Madison Marchand, Adrian Medina, Lourdes Medina, Sara Mejia, Gilda Muskwinsky, Wendy Newland, Robert Nuelle Jr, Rosemary Nuelle, Rosalinda Sanchez, Adam Sandoval, Suzanne Sbarbaro, Bob Sumicek